How Do I Change NVM Version?

How do I change node version?

The n command for installing and activating a version of Node is simple: n 6.17.

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You could also use n latest for the latest version of Node or n lts for the latest LTS version of Node.

If the version of Node is already installed, then n will simply switch to that version..

What version of Node should I use?

Which Node JS version to use? You should always use even-numbered versions marked LTS that says “Recommended for Most Users” on the download page. An even number Node version is 10. x.x LTS, 12.

How do I use NVM?

Usage. First of all, install your favorite node version: nvm install 10 . If you don’t specify an exact version, nvm will download the latest version automatically. After installing any version of NodeJS with nvm you can easily switch to that version by running nvm use .

Should I use NVM?

NVM, or Node Version Manager, is a command line tool for you to manage multiple instance of NPM and Node. js on your machine. This is useful when you have to maintain legacy code that doesn’t support newer version of Node. … js version or keeping two versions, you almost always should go with updating it.

How do I install latest version of NVM?

Setting Up NVMStep 1: Install NVM. The first step is simplest: just install NVM with the curl or wget command provided in the documentation . … Step 1.5 Verify NVM in the Command Line. Close out your terminal, open a new window and type: … Step 2: Add the NVM Directory Paths to Your Shell Profile (When Needed)

How do I tell what version of NVM I have Windows?

Below are the steps for NVM Installation on Windows:Install nvm setup.Use command nvm list to check list of installed node versions.Example: Type nvm use 6.9. 3 to switch versions.

How do I change Nodejs version on Mac?

4 ways to update to the latest Node. js version on a Mac1 nvm install node –reinstall-packages-from=node.1 sudo n latest.1 2 brew update brew upgrade node.1 2 sudo port selfupdate sudo port install nodejs-devel.

What version of Node do I have?

To check your version of Node. js, open Terminal (or another CLI of your choice), and type the command node -v . Press Enter. The returning line will display the Node.

What is latest NodeJS version?

Node v14. 13.0 Current / LTS v12. 18.4 Direct Links.