Question: How Do I Check If A Query Is Successful In PHP?

How do I check if a query is empty in PHP?

check if the query results empty row mysqli, $result = mysqli_query($con,’Select * From table1′); $row = mysqli_fetch_row($​result); if(implode(null,$row) == null){ //$row is empty }else{ MySQL MySQLi Database..

How do I check if a SQL query has returned nothing?

test if count == 0 . select FOUND_ROWS(); it will return the no. of rows returned by select query.

How check query executed or not in laravel?

You can use DB::getQueryLog() function to get all executed queries if you want to get last executed then use end() method. Before getting query log you need to first enable it by using DB::enableQueryLog() function and then you can get all executed queries.

How do I run a query in PHP?

How to Execute MySQL Query in PHPCreate Database. // Create database. … Insert Data. $sql = “INSERT INTO users (firstname, lastname, email) … Get ID of Last Inserted Record. … Select Data. … Delete Data. … Update Data. … Limit Data Selections.