Question: Which Plant Is Unisexual?

Is Hibiscus a unisexual plant?

Hibiscus has unisexual flowers..

Are all plants male or female?

Most plants are hermaphrodite, even if some of them (hazel, for example) keep their male and female flowers apart. But some plants are dioecious, i.e. they have separate sexes.

Are both unisexual flowers found always on the same plant?

A “unisexual” flower is one in which either the stamens or the carpels are missing, vestigial or otherwise non-functional. … If separate staminate and carpellate flowers are always found on different plants, the species is called dioecious.

Are bananas unisexual?

The flowers of bananas are finger-shaped, with three petals and sepals, and are subtended by large, fleshy, bright reddish-colored scales, which fall off as the fruit matures. The flowers are imperfect (that is, unisexual), and the plants are monoecious, meaning individual plants contain both female and male flowers.