Quick Answer: How Much Does A 16 Foot Scaffold Board Weight?

How much weight can a scaffold plank hold?

OSHARated load capacityIntended loadMedium-duty50 pounds per square foot applied uniformly over the entire span area.Heavy-duty75 pounds per square foot applied uniformly over the entire span area.One-person250 pounds placed at the center of the span (total 250 pounds).3 more rows.

How long is a scaffold plank?

Standard Boards (1.2m Target Span) Complying with BS 2482, these boards have a nominal thickness of 38mm, are 225mm wide and are available in varying lengths up to 3.9m (13′). They must be supported at a target span of every 1.2m.

What is the maximum load for a scaffold?

25 pounds per square footMultiply 35 square feet by 25 pounds per square foot and the scaffolding can be loaded with no more than 875 pounds….Rated Load Capacity.Rated Load Capacity of ScaffoldIntended Load Should BeLight-Duty “standard”25 pounds per square foot (applied uniformly)2 more rows

What are the parts of scaffolding?

Three main scaffolding components include ledgers, standards and transoms. The standard is a tube or long pipe running through the length of the scaffolding and connecting the mass of the scaffold to the ground.

How much does a scaffold board weigh?

20kgScaffold Board – Timber – 3.9m (13ft)Depth38mmLength3.9m (13ft)Product Model105013Safe Working Load0.50kN/m on individual board; 0.61kN/m spread uniformly across four boards.Weight20kg1 more row

How thick is a scaffold pole?

Scaffold tube should be made to EN39 and be galvanised steel. They should have a diameter of 48.3mm and a 3.2mm – 4.0mm wall thickness.

What wood are scaffold boards made from?

pineScaffolding wood is becoming a popular material for furniture and interiors. Mainly made out of pine, rough scaffolding planks are used in construction sites. Scaffolding wood as a raw material can be new or second hand.

How strong is a scaffold pole?

The working tensile load that a steel scaffold tube will carry is around 79 kN (about 8 tonnes).

How do I get a job in scaffolding?

An apprenticeship is a good way into the construction industry. You could apply for an intermediate scaffolder apprenticeship with a construction or scaffolding company, which will take 18 months. You’ll need 2 – 3 GCSEs, usually including maths and English, or equivalent, for an intermediate apprenticeship.

What is a cleat used for on a scaffold plank?

Cleat: A structural block used at the end of a platform to prevent the platform from slipping off its supports. Cleats are also used to provide footing on sloped surfaces such as crawling boards.

What size is a standard scaffold board?

The standard size for a new scaffold board is a thickness of 38mm, a width of 225mm, and lengths going up to 3.9m (13ft).

Why are scaffold boards banned?

The ‘A’ in Grade A scaffold boards are a potential ‘accident waiting to happen’ because they are an unknown grade, warns Christian Brash from John Brash & Co. By rights, Grade A timber boards should have been consigned to history back in 2009, when the latest version of the British Standard came out.

Do scaffold boards rot?

Fungal decay, usually wet rot, is common in poorly stored scaffold boards. It can be detected by discolouration of the wood, which also becomes softer –a screwdriver can be easily pushed into attacked wood. Rot often starts at cracks or around knots in wood because water is retained in these areas.

What width are scaffold boards?

Length available: 8ft, 10ft, 13ft. Thickness: 38mm (1.50 inches). Width: 225mm (8.86 inches).

What are the 3 types of scaffolds?

There are three basic types of scaffolds: Supported scaffolds, which consist of one or more platforms supported by rigid, load-bearing members, such as poles, legs, frames, outriggers, etc. Suspended scaffolds, which are one or more platforms suspended by ropes or other nonrigid, overhead support.

What size is scaffolding?

In addition to base plates and a guardrail system, the main components of a scaffolding system are the frames and cross braces that you stack and combine end to end to make larger scaffolds. The most common frame size is 5 ft. wide and 5 ft. tall, but other sizes are available depending on your needs.

How much does a 16 ft scaffold tube weigh?

High Yield scaffold tubeLengthWeight3.0m (10′)13.1kg3.9m (13′)17.0kg4.8m (16′)20.9kg6.4m (21′)27.9kg3 more rows

What is the longest scaffold tube?

Galvanised Scaffold tube is available in sizes, up to 21ft / 6.4m in length. Tube size: 48.3 x 4.0mm wall thickness.

What is the minimum size for scaffold planks?

All scaffold planks must be inspected and tested before use. Lumber or manufactured scaffold planks used for a work platform must consist of at least two planks placed side by side to provide a work surface with a nominal width of 50 cm (20 in.), or nominal width of 30 cm (12 in.)

How high can you build a scaffold without a Licence?

Scaffolding work is defined with a four metre threshold for licensing purposes. This means in some cases a high risk work licence may not be required to erect a scaffold—because it is less than four metres—but there may still be need for a SWMS because it is more than two metres.

What diameter is a standard scaffolding pole?

48.3mmWhat is your scaffold tube diameter? A galvanised scaffold tubes outside diameter is 48.3mm with a 4mm wall thickness. This is the standard diameter and thickness size for all of the scaffold tube lengths we have for sale.