Quick Answer: What Are The Different Types Of Formwork?

What are the requirements of formwork?

REQUIREMENTS OF FORMWORK – QUALITY, SAFETY & ECONOMYStrength.Stiffness.Impact Resistance.Durability.Weight.Accuracy.Compatibility.Insulation..

What are the materials used for formwork?

Timber as Formwork Material. Timber is the most commonly used material for formwork. … Plywood as Formwork Material. Plywood which is a manufactured product of timber is also used for formworks. … Steel as Formwork Material. Steel can also be used as formwork material. … Aluminum as Formwork Material.

What is formwork?

Formwork means the surface of the form and framing used to contain and shape wet concrete until it is self-supporting. Formwork includes the forms on or within which the concrete is poured and the frames and bracing which provide stability.

How is formwork calculated?

For simple square and rectangular forms, simply multiply length x width to know how much formwork you need. For a circular base, multiply the square of the radius by pi (πr²). For irregular shapes, break these down into simpler squares and rectangles and add up the total surface area.

How do you calculate shuttering formwork?

Take the cross-section of beam and measure the lengths of the two sides and base of beam.Sum the three measurements.Measure the span of the beam.Multiply the span length by sum of the three measurements (beam base two vertical sides) gives the shuttering area of beam.

Is code for shuttering plywood?

Plywood for concrete shuttering works is a BWP grade plywood, preservative treated and specially suited for use in concrete shuttering and form work. … This standard specifies the requirements of such plywood for use in concrete shuttering and form work and provides guidance in the manufacture and use of the plywood.

What is beam formwork?

Forms are molds to receive concrete in its’ plastic form. Formwork is temporary structure, as such, it is not normally shown on the drawings.

What tools and equipment are commonly used for constructing formwork?

14 Products in Formwork ToolsIdeal Tie Wire Reel Formwork Tools.Tie Wire Roll Tie Wire.Ideal Leather Work Belt Formwork Tools.Leather Reel Pad Formwork Tools.End Cutting Nippers Formwork Tools.High Leverage Concreters’ Nippers Formwork Tools.Leather Nip Holder Formwork Tools.Steel Nip Holder Formwork Tools.More items…

What is formwork and scaffolding?

Scaffolding is a temporary structure to provide a platform at different levels of a building for workers and materials. … Formwork, on the other hand, is a temporary structure which is used as a mould to pour the concrete.

What is the purpose of formwork?

The formwork serves as mould for concrete structural components unless such mould is provided by the soil, other structural components, etc. It moulds the placedfresh concrete, which in this stage normally is viscous, to the shape specified in the drawing.

Is code a formwork?

General building construction for the purpose of this code, means structures up to 4 storeys or 15 m height and dead load of formwork and concrete not exceeding 20 kN/m*. The provisions of these guidelines can be applied to other buildings and structures with additional requirements.

What are 2 types of formwork?

Formwork comes in several types:Traditional timber formwork. The formwork is built on site out of timber and plywood or moisture-resistant particleboard. … Engineered Formwork System. … Re-usable plastic formwork. … Permanent Insulated Formwork. … Stay-In-Place structural formwork systems. … Flexible formwork.

What is formwork or shuttering?

Sometimes, the terms are used interchangeably. While formwork is the overarching term that is used to describe the forming process, shuttering is defined as the temporary molds (usually made of timber or plywood) that are used to hold the wet concrete in place until the concrete has set and cured.

What is RCC formwork?

Formworks are used in construction of reinforced concrete foundations, columns, slabs, walls etc., and these are named as follows: Footing Forms – Formworks for foundation. Column Forms – Formwork for RCC Column construction. … Floor Forms – Formwork for construction of RCC Slabs.