Quick Answer: What Does EDW Mean?

Does data stand for something?

Etymology and terminology The Latin word data is the plural of datum, “(thing) given,” neuter past participle of dare “to give”.

Data may be used as a plural noun in this sense, with some writers—usually scientific writers—in the 20th century using datum in the singular and data for plural..

What does LF stand for in business?

Technology, IT etc (22) LF — Labor Force. LF — Ledger Folio.

What does EDW stand for in medical terms?

enterprise data warehouseThe enormous amount of data being collected by electronic medical records (EMR) has found additional value when integrated and stored in data warehouses. The enterprise data warehouse (EDW) allows all data from an organization with numerous inpatient and outpatient facilities to be integrated and analyzed.

What are the ODS meaning?

operational data storeAn operational data store (ODS) is a type of database that’s often used as an interim logical area for a data warehouse. … An ODS can be used for integrating disparate data from multiple sources so that business operations, analysis and reporting can be carried out while business operations are occurring.