Quick Answer: What Is Called Overlapping?

How do you overlap?

Overlap sentence examplesThe syllables overlap, and the hearing is confused.

In Propalaeohoplophorus the scutes of the carapace, which are less deeply sculptured than in the larger glyptodonts, are arranged in distinct transverse rows, in three of which they partially overlap near the border of the carapace after the fashion of the armadillos.More items….

What is the meaning of overlapping in English language?

1. : to lie over the edge of (something) : to cover part of the edge of (something) [+ object] The roof shingles overlap each other.

What is the meaning of Carrefour?

Noun. 1. carrefour – a junction where one street or road crosses another. crossroad, crossway, intersection, crossing. street corner, turning point, corner – the intersection of two streets; “standing on the corner watching all the girls go by”

What is SP overlap explain with example?

The overlap between the half-filled s – orbital of one atom and the half-filled p – orbital of another atom is called s – p overlap and the covalent bond formed is known as s – p sigma bond. E.g.: Formation of HF molecule, H – X bond in HCI, HBr, and HI are also formed by s-p overlap.

What does hypermarket mean?

A hypermarket is a retail store that combines a department store and a grocery supermarket. … Hypermarkets offer shoppers a one-stop shopping experience. The idea behind this big box store is to provide consumers with all the goods they require, under one roof.

What overlay means?

to lay or place (one thing) over or upon another. to cover, overspread, or surmount with something. to finish with a layer or applied decoration of something: wood richly overlaid with gold. Printing. to put an overlay upon.

Who owns Carrefour Kenya?

Majid Al FuttaimMajid Al Futtaim, the franchise owner of Carrefour brand in the Middle East & Africa has today confirmed the news adding that the new hypermarket will be located at the ground floor of Sarit, one of Kenya’s oldest and most strategic malls.

How do you use overlapping in a sentence?

Overlapping sentence examplesThere are five free sepals, overlapping in the bud, and, alternating with these, five free petals. … the disk being large enough to admit of a free overlapping of the separate shadows.More items…

What is overlapping in chemistry?

In chemical bonds, an orbital overlap is the concentration of orbitals on adjacent atoms in the same regions of space. Orbital overlap can lead to bond formation. … The carbon hybrid orbitals have greater overlap with the hydrogen orbitals, and can therefore form stronger C–H bonds.

What is the opposite of overlapping?

▲ (divide) Opposite of to create or form a layer over. divide. separate.

What is positive overlapping?

Positive Overlapping of Atomic Orbital – When the phase of two interacting orbitals is same, then the overlap is positive and in this case, the bond is formed. The phase of the two interacting orbital (+ or -) comes from the sign of orbital wave function and is not related to the charge in any sense.

What is the meaning of non overlapping?

: not overlapping: such as. a : not occupying the same area in part The long, cylindrical body of a gar is covered with hard, diamond-shaped, nonoverlapping scales.—

What is the synonym of plunged?

SYNONYMS. jump, dive, hurl oneself, throw oneself, fling oneself, launch oneself, catapult oneself, cast oneself, pitch oneself. 2’the aircraft plunged to the ground’ SYNONYMS. crash, plummet, pitch, drop, fall, fall headlong, tumble, nosedive, take a nosedive, crash-dive, descend.

What is another word for overlapping?

In this page you can discover 22 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for overlap, like: protrude, overlay, overlie, lap over, , extend alongside, flap, extend over, project over, projection and project.

What are the types of overlapping?

There are two types of overlapping orbitals: sigma (σ ) and pi (π ). Both bonds are formed from the overlap of two orbitals, one on each atom. σ bonds occur when orbitals overlap between the nuclei of two atoms, also known as the internuclear axis.

What does Carrefour logo mean?

crossroadsThe popular French hypermarket’s name Carrefour translates to mean crossroads. Hence the red and blue arrows pointing at different directions. If you squint hard enough, you’ll be able to make out the letter ‘C’ which was cleverly incorporated through the use of negative space. (Image source: The Branding Journal)

What is overlapping in civil engineering?

Lap length is one of the important term in the reinforcement. … Lapping can be defined as the overlapping of two bars side by side to upto the design length. Usually, the stock length of steel bars is limited to 12m. This is for easy transportation of steel bars to the construction site.