What Proc Is Appropriate For Obtaining Summaries About Numeric Variables?

What does Proc mean in SAS?

basic data analysisABSTRACT.

PROC MEANS is a basic procedure within BASE SAS® used primarily for answering questions about quantities (How much?, What is the average?, What is the total?, etc.) It is the procedure that I use second only to PROC FREQ in both data management and basic data analysis..

What is Proc short for?

proc (plural procs) Abbreviation of procedure.

Is missing function in SAS?

The MISSING function checks a numeric or character expression for a missing value, and returns a numeric result. If the argument does not contain a missing value, SAS returns a value of 0. If the argument contains a missing value, SAS returns a value of 1.

How do you use proc frequency?

Syntax. PROC FREQ DATA=sample ORDER=freq; TABLE State Rank / MISSING; RUN; The ORDER=freq option in the first line of the syntax tells SAS to order the values in the table in descending order.

What is the difference between proc means and proc summary?

Proc SUMMARY and Proc MEANS are essentially the same procedure. Both procedures compute descriptive statistics. The main difference concerns the default type of output they produce. Proc MEANS by default produces printed output in the LISTING window or other open destination whereas Proc SUMMARY does not.

What does nway mean in SAS?

NWAY. specifies that the output data set contain only statistics for the observations with the highest _TYPE_ and _WAY_ values. When you specify class variables, this corresponds to the combination of all class variables. Interaction: If you specify a TYPES statement or a WAYS statements, PROC MEANS ignores this option …

What does Proc Summary do in SAS?

Proc Summary stores descriptive statistics in a data set. Proc Means displays descriptive statistics in output destinations.

How do I convert character to numeric in SAS?

To convert character values to numeric values, use the INPUT function. new_variable = input(original_variable, informat.); The informat tells SAS how to interpret the data in the original character variable.

What does nway missing mean in SAS?

If you omit the MISSING option, the SUMMARY procedure excludes any rows with a missing value in a CLASS variable from the resulting output SAS data set. … The NWAY options instructs the SUMMARY procedure to only create rows with a combination of all class variables.

What is nway in Proc Summary?

The NWAY option enables you to generate summary statistics for one particular combination of class variables—all of the class variables—in a single PROC MEANS step.

Can we Analyse character variables in Proc means?

For both PROCs, only numeric variables can be placed in the VAR statement. Variables places in the VAR statement are considered analysis variables. If you put the names of character variables in the VAR statement, PROC MEANS/SUMMARY will not execute and an error will be shown in your SASLOG.

How does proc means handle missing values?

Missing ValuesIf a class variable has a missing value for an observation, PROC MEANS excludes that observation from the analysis unless you use the MISSING option in the PROC statement or the CLASS statement.If a BY or an ID variable value is missing, PROC MEANS treats it like any other BY or ID variable value.More items…

How do you output proc means to SAS dataset?

The output statement sends output to a dataset; you also can use ods output as you can with any proc. proc means data=sashelp. class; class sex; types sex; var height weight; output out=class_means mean= sum= /autoname; run; To use ods output you need to know the name of the table produced by the proc.

How do you transpose data in SAS?

The general format of PROC TRANSPOSE is: PROC TRANSPOSE DATA=Dataset-name OUT=New-dataset-name; BY variable(s); COPY variable(s); ID variable; VAR variable(s); RUN; In the SAS code above: The PROC TRANSPOSE statement tells SAS to execute the transpose procedure on an existing dataset called Dataset-name .

What is Proc Tabulate in SAS?

Proc tabulate is predominately used to make nice looking tables. Unlike proc freq this procedure can handle multiple variables in the row and column expressions. It can also handle multiple levels in both rows and columns whereas proc freq will only create two variable contingency tables.