Which Of The Following Topologies Has The Highest Reliability?

Which topology is used in schools?

Ring Network Topology Ring network topologies are most often found on school campuses, though some commercial organizations also use them.

FDDI, SONET, or Token Ring technology are typically used..

Which topology has the toughest fault identification?

bus topologyExplanation: The star topology has a single hub. 7. Which topology has the toughest fault identification? Explanation: In the bus topology, fault identification is tougher.

What is the most used topology?

Which network topology is the most common?Star topology is by far the most common network topology. … Bus topology—also known as line topology or backbone topology—connects all devices via a single cable running in one direction. … Ring topology, as its name suggests, features all nodes arranged in a ring.More items…•

What is multi drop topology?

A Multi-Drop Network is a specific type of Bus Network Topology. … Any node may transmit on a Multi-Point Network [EIA/TIA-485]. A Multi-Point Network is a specific type of Bus Network Topology. Point-to-Point Network: A single connection interface that connects one device to one other device.

What is multipoint structure?

Definition of Multipoint Connection The multipoint connection is a connection established between more than two devices. The multipoint connection is also called multidrop line configuration. In multipoint connection, a single link is shared by multiple devices.

Where is topology used?

Topology is used in many branches of mathematics, such as differentiable equations, dynamical systems, knot theory, and Riemann surfaces in complex analysis. It is also used in string theory in physics, and for describing the space-time structure of universe.

Which topology is best for LAN?

Star Star topologyStar topology has become the dominant physical topology for LANs. The star was first popularized by ARCNET, and later adopted by Ethernet. Each node is connected directly to a central device such as a hub or a switch, as shown in Figure 5.17.

What is LAN topology?

Topology is the physical and logical arrangement of a network. The logical arrangement of a network refers to how the workstations, servers, and other equipment relate to each other in terms of traffic flow. … There are three primary LAN topologies: linear bus, ring, and star.

Which of the following has highest reliability?

The topology with highest reliability is:A. Bus topology.Star topology.Ring topology.Mesh topology.

What is multipoint topology?

Multipoint connection is used in BUS Topology. All the devices are connected to a single transmission medium, which acts as the Backbone of the connection. This links all the devices in the network. Here each node has its unique address.

What is the central device is star topology?

In star topology each device in the network is connected to a central device called hub. Unlike Mesh topology, star topology doesn’t allow direct communication between devices, a device must have to communicate through hub.

Which topology is the best and why?

A Star Network Topology is best suited for smaller networks and works efficiently when there is limited number of nodes. One has to ensure that the hub or the central node is always working and extra security features should be added to the hub because it s the heart of the network.

Which topology is the most expensive?

Full Mesh: All the devices are directly connected to all the other devices in the network. Therefore it provides fill redundancy and is also the most expensive of all the topologies as it requires multiple NIC’s and cables for each node. This scenario is often found in the WAN’s (Wide Area Network).

Where ring topology is used in real life?

You can simply think SONET to be Fiber Optic Cable Ring Topology. It is highly reliable Computer Network for synchronizing various branch offices of a multi-national company. Due to the use of Fiber Optic Cable, it provides the best data transfer speeds. SONET is one of the most popular Applications of Ring Topology.

What is star bus topology?

Star Bus is a networking topology in which hubs for workgroups or departmental local area networks (LANs) are connected by using a network bus to form a single network. Star bus topology is a combination of star topology superimposed on a backbone bus topology. … Crossover cables for regular (host) ports on the hub.

Which is the fastest topology?

But in mesh topology each devices are connected to other devices directly by individual cables without using center hub. Theoretically the fastest topology should be mesh topology. But the best topology is star topology.

Which topology is required?

Which topology requires a central controller or hub ? Explanation : Star topology and tree topology requires central controller or hub. Mesh, ring, bus topologies doesn’t need hubs.

Bus topologyWhich type of network topology is least popular? Bus topology is the type of network that contains a common communication line or cable called bus, and all the computers are connected to the bus. The bus topology is least popular because: Breaks in the communication line or cable can disable the entire network.